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  • 1973


I was born on 28 November 1951, an auspicious day because it would help me win the raffle that would determine my first career.  I was conscripted on Australia Day 1972, spent 12 months as an Army Cook before ending up at OCS Portsea (I had applied for OCTU Scheyville some 12 months earlier) because of an administrative error.  To graduate I had to extend my National Service to 2 years.

Must admit that I had a great time in the Army doing a range of corps (RASigs) and non-corps roles.  Highlights included Platoon Commander at 1 RTB, Adjutant Army Apprentices School, a number of 2IC and OC independent Squadron commands and then doing better at the Infantry ROAC course than my own RASigs one.

After 21 years and 8 days service, I took the voluntary redundancy package that was being offered and started my second career, my own business as a Human Resource / Organisational Development / Food Safety Systems consultant.  That was back in February 1993.  To prepare I had started university in a post graduate program in industrial relations and human resource management a few years earlier.  By 2004 I had completed a Masters of Business, Masters of Applied Science and a Doctor of Philosophy along with a multitude of business related Advanced Diplomas and Diplomas that I needed to

teach part time at TAFE and university.  My business and research has seen me teach in the Middle East (Dubai government, UAE government, Bahrain) and China, and deliver research papers in the UK, USA, India, NZ and across Australia.

I should be slowing down but it appears that I am speeding up.  I have given up marathon running for now (I completed all 134 marathons that I started and was fortunate to run in many wonderful places around the world).  I am getting ready for my next career.  Taking on the Executive Officer role of a food manufacturing business I have been nurturing and helping to grow for the last 12 years.  I still love travel with Nepal (I help support a small monastery near Boudha and delight in trekking), Cambodia (Siem Reap is one of the best places in the world to chill out) and China being my favourite destinations.  I will get back to Europe sometime if only to accompany my beloved on her adventures to new places.

Life has been kind to me.  I still have hair on my head (but suffer from hobbit hair on my ears).  I carry a few pounds from the good life (red wine and fine dining, and I still cook).  I think about exercise but that is far as it goes.  I have good health except a lot of me is wearing out.  I have had my ups and downs with relationships and have finally met my perfect match.  Kerrin and I have been together for four years.  I have a step-daughter (Amy who is 22), two Dalmatians (Karma and Maddie) and a small mob of kangaroos call our 3 acre bush property home.  I continue to work because I love my job, my clients and the challenges I face day to day, and because the military pension keeps me poor.  But I am rich in spirit and life.