The aim of this website is to record for posterity the year that was: the life and times of the Officer Cadet School of Australia, graduating class of 14 December 1973.  The records on this site include our training which commenced on 11 January 1973, graduation, post-graduate military service, civilian life (where posted) and reunions.


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6.  The OCS Journal allows you to flip through the pages and read the class journal that was published in Dec ’73.

7.  The YouTube video on the HOME page will play the video (slide production) that was produced for the December 2013 reunion.  Other videos also produced for the reunion (based on content submitted by classmates) are under the REUNION tab (40th Reunion – Videos).

8.  The NEWS tab acts as a news feed for when class mates want to post new information and photos.  The News items default to also being read, in order of posting, on the HOME page.  For uploading, please send articles and any photos by email to [email protected]



Within this site there are many galleries.  These galleries were made up, mainly, from the personal photos that some classmates kindly contributed in the lead up to the 40th reunion.  If you wish to contribute, or contribute further, please follow the guidelines herein and email your photos (captioned) to [email protected].  Please ensure you follow the Photograph Dimensions below.

Photograph Dimensions

Photographs should best be provided at the resolution taken – they will be scaled down for web use by the Webmaster if required.  If you have a hi-res image, please resize it to a height of 600 pixels.  This will keep the galleries consistent and better the on-screen viewing.

Photo format should be .jpeg/.jpg

Photo file names should be in a sequence i.e. surname-year-subject e.g. Bloggs-1976-1 RAR Parade.

In order to monitor the flow of submissions, and to verify submissions if necessary, the Webmaster will check, and if required, may re-order content.

Submissions (photos and bios) may be made through your own uploads using Members Login (for your User Profile), or email or mail on a disk to the Webmaster who can load the content for you.

When you scan photographs for the first time, please scan at hi res (e.g. 300 dpi, with size about 800×600 or larger).  To reduce the resolution for display on the web is easy – but to increase the resolution of a low res picture suitable for printing is next to impossible.

Collections of hi res pics can be saved to disk and forwarded to the Webmaster for future archiving.  Please confirm address to send by emailing [email protected]

Photographs for In-Memoriam

Some photos of a number of our departed members have been a little difficult to get, so if you, or someone you know can provide an applicable photograph, please submit it so we can complete the Memoriam.


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Information posted that may require alteration due to factual considerations will be so altered, if required, as soon as possible after verification of facts.  Authors of content of fact may be asked to verify, with documentary proof, such content.

Notification of any content requiring removal or special consideration should be made direct to the Webmaster.