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  • 1969

  • 1973


I joined the Army in 1969 as an army apprentice.  On completion of the apprenticeship OCS training was commenced and I graduated into RAE.  I served in regimental, training and staff positions in Townsville, Kapooka, Sydney and Brisbane.  In April 1982 I resigned and for a short while ran a home improvement and renovation business.  In April 1984 I became Qld manager for Enterprise Australia.  Decided that a real job was not for me and in Jan of 1986 I hung out my shingle as a consultant to industry … still doing the same work today.  Most of my recent work is in mining/metallurgical, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals, but have worked in most industries.  I never cease to be amazed at ease with which productivity can be vastly improved, if management is willing to change.
I’ve authored four books and co-authored a fifth.  They all deal with management, productivity and quality improvement.
Married Denise in 1973, and divorced in 1997.  We had three children, Danielle (psychologist), James (manager for Virgin Mobile) and Tim (engineer). Married Maree in 2002.  We live in Chermside, Queensland.
These days I spend a fair bit of time in my workshop making furniture, mostly for family and friends.