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  • 1973


Greetings fellow ‘73 graduates and congratulations on our 40th anniversary reunion.

It is difficult, and humbling, to record in detail the true depth of achievement and the complexities of a life that has challenged so deeply and rewarded so richly – I trust that as you read on, you will agree that I remain a genuinely modest and retiring man.  You will no doubt remember me as a shy 18/19 year old, struggling to compete with the mature, wise and balanced men who had already seen the dark side of life prior to entering the Portsea gates (think McConnell, Riley, Green et al).  I am still the modest, retiring boy at heart, but now have a broad range of experiences to add to the remarkable skills and abilities that drove down the Mornington Peninsula all those years ago.  Let me take you on a brief biographical journey that may (or may not) surprise……

After graduation, I served a further 19 years and two weeks before leaving the Army.  My list of appointments is too long, the positions held too significant and the rewards too numerous to mention – I think the bio-modesty thing is catching on.

Then I studied for a few years; some (actually most) of the subjects undertaken were completed satisfactorily.

Then I worked in the public service for a few years;  Queensland Transport, I think it is safe to say, will never be the same again.

Then I retired and I now play a bit of golf, travel a bit and sleep a lot.  I swim with our local club and try to notify them when I am turning up, in order that they may drain the pool a little….  I’m like that – always thinking of others.

I now live on the Gold Coast, and if they can invent a fat-burning pill really, really quickly, I may do so for some months/years to come.

I deny all charges from Brent Olsen’s Bio…..

Hope to see you on the reunion weekend, cheers.